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New Album, Undone, coming Sept 8, 2017

I’ve always been a sucker for an acoustic record. The bare bones, the stories, the chair squeaking, hearing the fingerprints glide across the strings, hearing the sound of the room it was recorded in. A lot of the music I grew up listening to was like that and I’m always drawn to it. It’s like a home base. And because a good chunk of my shows are just a guy and his instrument, I wanted people to be able to go home with a recording that sounded like what they just heard on stage. So I am pleased to announce the forthcoming release of “Undone”, the entire collection of my self titled record in the same order, track for track, recorded live and alone to analog tape. It’s just me and my guitar or piano...just like they were written and just like I perform them most of the year.

And there’s one new addition that breaks the solo rule. The album ends with a brand new song called “Nothing On You,” a duet written and performed with my dear friend and personal hero, the supremely talented Lori McKenna.

I’m so looking forward to you getting to hear it. More to come. In the meantime I’ll see you out there at these shows. All the best friends!

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The Souvenir Tour with Drew Holcomb

Excited to announce that I'll be hitting the road with Drew Holcomb again this year on his "Souvenir Tour" March 29 - April 8! Come on out and join us.

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